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Wadi Rum, Jordan

"After spending 3 nights here, I can just say: it is beautiful! Great tents, excellent food and, above all, extremely friendly staff. The whole group will remember this positive experience forever! Definitely recommended!"

Miran, Slovenia

"Two night stay, and we had a great time with my kids and my family. We really enjoy the local food and we enjoy our Jeep tours, the room was so clean, and the view fantasic. I love it so much!"

Jad, Mexico

"Breathtaking view, and amazing hospitality. We were there for a night, great ambience. The host is very accommodative and friendly. Wadi Rum is a must visit place if you are in Jordan."

Shashank, India

"The staff is so, so nice! The location is magical. The service is very good. There is dancing and fire and tea and the tents are very nice. I would definitely stay again and will tell my friends."

Violeta, Portugal

Allow yourself to be left in awe from the moment you step foot into Shaheen Luxury Desert Camp, Wadi Rum. A family-led and traditional Bedouin camp, surrounded by stunning rock formations and sandy dunes, guaranteed to leave you with memories to last a life time.


​Wadi Rum desert, Jordan, an area that will make you feel like you've stepped onto another planet.

25 luxury tents, all with panoramic windows looking onto the seemingly everlasting dunes around us.

Family-led, we want to share our traditional Bedouin lifestyle with you, and let you truly experience the level of our hospitality first hand.

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