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Unique Wadi Rum Tours

Discover the beauty of the Wadi Rum desert with a bespoke tour, guided by local Bedouins 

Whatever your interest, we will accommodate you and customize

your own personal experience...


Our top selling activities include hiking to Um Adaami and Burdah mountains, along with trekking in the desert, all accompanied with a Bedouin guide.

You are free to combine any of the following as you desire, but we have put together 3 unique desert packages that you can book online. If you want to create your own program, feel free to combine the following activities depending on your desires:

Price for a jeep tour:

2 hours - 35 JD

3 hours - 50 JD

4 hours - 65 JD

6 hours - 80 JD

Price for a camel tour:

15 JD per hour per person


On the 4 hour jeep tour

you will see the shooting

location for the Hollywood

movie „The Martian“,

sand dunes, the Nabathean

inscriptions, Umm Frouth

rock bridge, mushroom rock,

Barrah canyon and Lawrence

Canyon (where the movie

"Lawrence of Arabia" was filmed).

Before returning to camp, we will bring you to the perfect spot for admiring the desert sunset.

Getting ready for a jeep tour.JPG
The Hollywood blockbuster "The Martian" was shot just a few hundred meters from our camp

See where Hollywood actor Matt Damon trod his martian boots when the movie "The Martian" was shot here in Wadi Rum - just a stone's throw from our camp. You can easily walk there yourself at leisure, we will show you how to get there!

The Martian.jpg

The immediate area around the camp is perfect for hiking on your own. It is easy to find your way around. We can also arrange hiking with guide, 3 or 4 hours. A third option is hiking for a full day with a guide, up the Burdah mountain and rock bridge. This can also be combined with the experience of sleeping under the stars in the desert, or you can return to the camp after sunset.


Experience the desert calm from the back of a camel, one of these ancient animals, with a history in the desert dating back thousands of years.

Our camel tours during sun-rise and sunset are especially popular.

Camel excursion.jpg

Let one of us show you the desert floor from high up the side of one of our limestone, parched, rugged mountains, and experience the exhilaration of defying the forces of nature as you climb ever steady upward.

For beginners as well as the more experienced climbers.


When weather and tempera-tures permit, we can bring you out into a more secluded and safe spot in the desert where you can sleep under the stars. 



Soar above the wind-carved mountains of Wadi Rum in a hot air balloon! A rare and    magical experience.


Hot Air Balloon.jpg
Getting ready for a jeep tour
Camel excursion
Lunch in the desert
Jeep tour
Fun in the sand dunes
A bridge rock
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